Brazzers – Who?

Yeah, I know. Who hasn’t heard of Brazzers? One of the premier adult sites on the internet. I’m proud to be a member of this wonderful site. It’s kind of my straight pride parade.

You know living in San Francisco shows you how many alternative lifestyles that are thrown in your face on a daily basis. I can’t tell you how many gay parades that I’ve been invited to.

So today is my straight pride day. I’m proud to love the round asses and perky boobs of women. I love their soft touch and their beautiful, delicate skin. I love their smell.

If you’re straight, like myself, then you owe it to yourself to scream it from the mountain-tops. You should feel free not to feel like a pervert for being sexually attracted to women.

All you straight men out there… trust me when I tell you that the Brazzers sites are awesome. It can be kind of pricey, but it’s a cost that you should allow yourself to budget into your monthly costs. Just like food, water and housing.

So on this day, let’s let everyone know we are straight and proud of our sexual prowess.


OxFam is Off the Hook

Nimrod created this plugin that is off the hook. You’ll only find out about it here, at SF BAY.